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Summer Learning

Summer is always a fun time for children, but it can also be a time when students forget what they learned in school. In fact, some students can lose up to two months of knowledge over summer break. Gary Huggins, CEO of the National Summer Learning Association says: “We think summer is a great break from school but not a break from learning.” Some ideas to keep students learning over summer include:
• Visiting the public library on a regular basis. Find books your child is interested in and make reading fun.
• Allow your child to help plan part of your family trip. Let them look at maps, brochures, and guides to determine a few events they want to do on the trip. Perhaps conduct a little online research with them to look up special attractions along the route or at their final destination. Finally, you may want to give them a small budget to plan with so they learn the skill of making choices and prioritizing wants.
• Encourage letter writing to extended family members.
• Plan Family Game Nights with board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, Pay Day, Clue, etc.
• Have your child access i-Ready once in a while. Your child’s i-ready account will remain active through July 15, 2019.