Pinecrest Academy of Nevada - A Tuition Free Public School
Educational Philosophy

Pinecrest Academy Inspirada’s educational program is modeled after specific innovative learning methods and strategies that have proven successful in raising student learning and achievement. These include, but are not limited to:

  • A course guide, lesson plans, and syllabi based on the Nevada Academic Content Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, Project Based Learning, and national STEAM Standards.
  • A hybrid, standards-based approach to grading and communication of grades.
  • A thematic approach to integrate core areas of study; such as: mathematics, reading, language arts, writing, science, and social studies.
  • A differentiated approach through blended learning to enhance student learning and goal tracking.
  • Appropriate assessments to measure learning (screening, progress monitoring, and diagnostic)
  • Data-driven, high-quality differentiated instruction for all students.
  • Supplemental programming for student advancement and remediation.
  • Research-based instructional practices (i.e., Kagan Cooperative Learning Structures, Blended Learning, Project Based Learning, STEAM, and Components of an Effective Lesson).
  • Professional development and support for teachers with research-based practices, advanced curriculum, and technology integration.
  • Weekly grade level meetings to review common pacing calendars and lesson plans.
  • Data Days and Staff Development Days for ongoing review of data and professional development workshops.
  • Before and after school tutoring for remediation and acceleration.
  • Targeted interventions for struggling students performing below grade level.