Pinecrest Academy of Nevada - A Tuition Free Public School
Student Uniforms



Pinecrest Academy of Nevada will be following a policy of standard student attire. By wearing school uniforms, students will become part of a team. It is this team effort and sense of belonging that will help students experience a greater sense of identify and promote academic excellence.  We are committed to keeping the cost of uniforms as low as possible for our families.

All Uniform Wear located
1421 W. Warm Springs Road
Henderson, NV 89014  
(702) 330-4377

Article Color Guidelines
Shirts • Navy (accepted at all Pinecrests)
• Orange
• White
• Grey
• Must be purchased at the uniform store and monogrammed.
• May wear a solid navy, orange, or white long-sleeved shirt under a monogrammed polo shirt.
• Navy (accepted at all Pinecrests)
• Tan  (accepted at all Pinecrests)
• Form fitting, skinny cut, cargo, denim material, denim style pockets, and all other variations are not acceptable for wear.
• Slacks only will be acceptable for pants.
• Shorts and skirts must be at least fingertip length and may not be cut-offs.
• Jumpers must be monogrammed and purchased from the vendor. 
*It is highly recommended that uniform pants be purchased through the uniform vendor, as these are the acceptable styles.     
Socks • No preference
Leggings Tights • Solid Navy (accepted at all Pinecrests)
• Solid Orange
• Solid White
• May not be worn as pants.
• May be worn under skirts or jumpers.
• Available for purchase at the vendor.
Shoes • No preference • Closed toe required and appropriate for playground use. High heels and Heelys are not permitted. 
• Monogrammed Navy (accepted at all Pinecrest schools)
• Monogrammed Orange
• Monogrammed White
• Must be purchased at the uniform store and monogrammed.
• May wear a solid navy, orange, or white long-sleeved shirt under a monogrammed polo shirt.
Outerwear • No preference • Coats, Sweatshirts, Sweaters, Hoodies, etc. that do not adhere to the policy may ONLY be worn outdoors and must be removed prior to entering the classroom.  No preference of color or style. Only school appropriate graphics are permissible on campus.
PE Shirt • Navy
• Pioneer Shirts
• Pinecrest Athletics T-shirt
• Other spirit shirts purchased at the school (navy or orange) "
PE Short
PE Pant
• Solid Navy (accepted at all Pinecrests)
• Solid Orange
• Loose-fitting
• Limited branding if not purchased from vendor
• Must be fingertip length
*It is highly recommended that athletic shorts/pants be purchased through the uniform vendor, as these are the acceptable styles.  
Spirit Day • Jeans
• Pinecrest shirt or Pinecrest Team Wear
• Monthly Data Day
• Students are permitted to wear jeans and a Pinecrest Pioneer or other Pinecrest activities shirt.
Piercings & Hair Color • N/A • Only piercing of the ears is allowed.
• Excessive earring loops or length is not allowed nor are spiked gauges. • Hair color must be of natural colors.  Color outside of natural colors will not be permitted, including streaks and full hair color (i.e. pink, blue, etc.)

**The uniform policy will be enforced through the progressive discipline plan.**

A Few Clarifications on the Dress Code:

Pants: Khaki or Navy shorts, skirts, slacks (see the uniform options on our website for styles).   The biggest clarification here is on the pants – the permitted style is slacks.  This means no corduroy pants, cargo pants, skinny jeans, leggings, joggers or any other style that is not a "slacks" type style.  They are intended to look like professional dress and help promote an environment of higher education, preparing them to enter a professional world. 

Many stores sell “uniform clothing” that is not in the Pinecrest dress code.  We are happy to permit parents to buy uniform shorts, skirts and slacks at businesses other than our vendor if that works better for cost and/or convenience for your family, however we ask that you are careful to purchase items that are the same style as the items offered through our vendor.

The shorts and slacks on our website are a loose fitting style and could easily be identified as “dress pants”.  Several items are now on display near the front office.  If you would like to stop by and take a look we are happy to answer questions so that students are not questioned about their dress during the school day.

Please consider purchasing pants through our vendor – they are high quality and are still cost effective. If you choose to purchase clothing from other retailers, here are a few things to look for:

· “Flat Front Pants” – generally means this is an item that is going to work.
· “Classic Fit” – generally means this is an item that is going to work. Please check the overall style. “Skinny” styled pants or pants with pockets sewn on the outside of the pant are not acceptable.

Shirt: All students need to have a monogrammed polo shirt with the Pinecrest logo.  Polos must be solid orange, white, navy blue or grey monogrammed (see the uniform options on our website for styles).  Families are welcome to use long sleeved shirts under uniform shirts for warmth if needed (however long sleeved uniform shirts are available on our website).  If you choose to use long sleeved shirts under a short sleeved uniform shirt, they are required to be Pinecrest colors – white, orange, blue or grey.

Jumpers: If your child would like to wear a jumper (they are available on our website), it must have a Pinecrest logo – as it will cover up a uniform shirt.  Jumpers need to be worn with a collared shirt (uniform style – either polo or oxford shirt) underneath.  These do not need to be monogrammed since they will be covered by the jumper and the jumper will have the logo.  Shirts under jumpers should be a Pinecrest color.

P.E. Wear: The main issue we see with athletic wear are shorts that are not a solid color.  Please be aware of stripes down the side of shorts or other markings that would not adhere to the dress code.  If your child has PE, athletic shorts or pants are allowed during the entire school day only on the day they have the class.

Pioneers T-Shirts are optional.  If your student prefers a regular uniform shirt, they are welcome to wear those to P.E.  The Pioneers T-Shirts are just an additional option.