Pinecrest Academy of Nevada - A Tuition Free Public School
Volunteer Policy

Pinecrest Academy ~ Inspirada - Volunteer Policy

We believe that parent/guardian involvement is a crucial part of a child’s education. All parents/guardians of children registered at Pinecrest Academy of Nevada are encouraged to volunteer at our school. This can be either in the classroom or outside of the classroom. Pinecrest Academy welcomes and encourages the opportunity for parents to participate in classroom activities. Parents volunteering four or more times in any given month, or volunteering at least once in four consecutive weeks, and parents who will have direct unsupervised contact with students, will be required to have a background check.

Volunteer hours can be achieved through many different means. They can be achieved by academically helping students at the school, getting involved with school activities and events or through monetary donations*. Any parent/guardian who would like to volunteer in the classroom must inform the classroom teacher prior to volunteering. Parents/visitors must sign in at the main office and obtain a visitor’s pass. In order to ensure the safety of all of our students, NO PARENTS/VISITORS WILL BE ALLOWED BEYOND THE MAIN OFFICE WITHOUT A VISITOR’S PASS.

It is the responsibility of the parent to communicate with the front office when volunteering.

*Donations by checks made out to Pinecrest Academy of Nevada will be accepted only at the front office.

Thank you for your time and commitment to a child’s education.