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Series Reading

Series Reading Program


It is our goal to motivate students to practice independent reading skills and become proficient readers by reading books in a series that interest them. In order to facilitate this, each staff member will host a series of books and encourage students who choose to read their series. For example, Mr. O’Dowd will host The Horrible Harry series.  As a student chooses to read The Horrible Harry series, he/she will come to Mr. O’Dowd’s office to get a bookmark listing the books in that series. The child will check out a book from Mr. O’Dowd one at a time to read. As the child finishes the book, he/she will take an AR Quiz (must pass quiz with 80% accuracy or higher) and then come back to Mr. O’Dowd’s office to exchange it for the next book in the series. While in his office, Mr. O’Dowd (or the series host) will talk with each child about the book they just finished. When students finish a series, they will receive a “Spirit Stick” from the series host to add to their collection, and choose a new series. 


Why are we doing this? According to research cited in Rigorous Reading by Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher, the more time students spend reading independently, the higher their achievement level. In this book, they site a study that found that the average elementary school student spent only 4-5 minutes a day in school actually reading independently. Most of Reading Instruction time was teacher directed instruction or the practicing of reading skills. They found that by adding just ten minutes a day of independent reading, students were exposed to over 800,000 more words per year and achievement scores increased by 30%. We encourage students to find a series that interests them and practice independent reading to build reading fluency, comprehension, and the love of reading! 


On the menu on the left you will find a link to the 2018-19 Series Reading Directory that will provide a list of series that we have available so far here at school and which teacher is hosting each particular series.  You may want to sit down with your child and help them find two or three series they would be interested in reading.  Beginning October 1, 2018, students can visit the Series Host and check out a book in a series that interests him/her.  Having two or three series in mind will be helpful in case their first choice is already checked out.  Students are also welcome to visit their local library, our school library, local book stores, and/or order books online if there is a series that interests him/her that is not on the list below.  Please talk to your child and help them to find a book series.


Also to the left you will find a link for an “AR Color Reading Guide”.  This will help guide students in finding a book that is at his/her independent reading level as colored dots will be on the book spines and on the Book Series Posters.  Students are permitted to go above and beyond their level as parents and teachers see fit.  If a book seems too easy or too difficult, students can adjust accordingly as needed. Remember, the goal is to increase our students’ love of reading!


After students complete each book, they will be allowed to take an AR tests here at school during school hours.


We look forward to kicking off this exciting program again this school year!  If you would like to donate a series to our school, please contact Christy Grismanauskas at  Remember that every $20 worth of donations is equal to one volunteer hour!  Please reach out to your child’s teacher or administration if you have any further questions.


Committed to Excellence,


Michael O’Dowd