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Mr. Reynolds
Other Info:
James Thomas “JT” Reynolds started his dream ranger career during the summer after his junior year while majoring in Recreation and Parks Management and minor in Wildlife Management at Texas A&M University. He worked at Everglades National Park as a seasonal park ranger, performing “anti-alligator” poaching patrols. His first permanent National Park Service(NPS) job after graduating was Natchez Trace Parkway. He served in the Army and after completing his military obligation in 1972, JT returned to the NPS in Washington, D.C. as an Environmental Education Specialist. JT worked with middle school teachers, taking inner city youth to local and regional NPS areas to camp and experience the natural environment. The next 30 plus years included assignments at Yosemite, Everglades, Grand Canyon at the Abright Training Center-Ranger Training, then on to two regional chief ranger assignments (North Atlantic and Rocky Mountain respectively). He served as the Colorado Plateau Support Office Superintendent in 1997, then to Grand Canyon as Deputy Superintendent, and to Death Valley National Park (DEVA) as superintendent. JT developed the DEVA ROCKS (Recreation Outdoor Campaign for Kids thru Study) youth support program and continues to support youth after 41 years of federal service, retiring in 2009. He currently serves on the board of trustees for National Parks Conservation Association and the Quiet Storm Foundation (a youth support organization in Las Vegas), and coordinates the Lifetime Adventures project, a middle school after school program with emphasis on science based education, and using the outdoor environment as a classroom, and taking middle school students backpacking and hiking. He started his next chapter of life after being influenced by middle school teachers to join their ranks. JT was hired to teach fifth grade at Jesse Scott Elementary School in 2014. JT started working at Pinecrest Academy Inspirada in 2015. He continues to work with other organizations that support youth education.